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Sa'aada Mabkhara
Closeup of Sa'ada mabkhara
Sa’ada Mabkhara Incense Burner
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Sa’ada Mabkhara Incense Burner

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Our Sa’ada mabkhara incense burners are handcrafted from natural soapstone carved out of the mountains of Razih in Sa’ada. These mabkharas will spark curiosity and admiration and look beautiful during a burning session. 

Size: 6"x4"*

Weight: 2 pounds* 

*Because these are handmade by people (and not by machines), there will be some variation in their sizes and designs. Consider it an extremely rare, one-of-a-kind piece! 

Customer Reviews

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Farah S.
Worth every penny! Just buy it.

The mini Sa’ada mabkhara is a unique piece of fine craftsmanship. It gives me so much joy to burn oud and frankincense in it while doing my thikr. I just love its earthy stone color and sturdy texture. To think there is no identical object in the world like it makes it well worth the purchase.


The package was so we'll thought out. The mabkhara is beautiful and the shipping was quick!

Can't wait to start using it. But I also don't want to use it because it's so beautiful!!!

Saba O.

Sa’ada Mabkhara Incense Burner

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Ahmed E.
My Cats Love It As Well

I’m in love with this Sa'ada Mabkhara / Incense Burner. I cannot explain to you how connected I feel with the earth of Yemen. I was able to get my hands on the Medium size, and it’s just perfect. The overall design, shape, and handgrip will get better and more personalized with usage. May the hands of the artisans in Sa’ada remain blessed for the joy they bring to Yemenis abroad, and to those sensitive to the art of incense. Thank you for this mennās :)

Mohammed A.
Bakhoor and Burner

The Sa’ada Mabkhara is a work of art. This unique hand crafted burner brings the heart of the people to each incense bakhoor or oud burning session. It gives each burn more meaning. The Zuleika bakhoor blend is a sweet floral very uplifting bakhoor that instantly transports you to the halls of the stores and marketplaces of the holiest cities. A true artisanal olfactory gem. Not to be missed.